Novaerus Air purification system

This recent outbreak of coronavirus highlights the vital role of airborne and droplet transmission in the spread of infection. Infectious aerosols are very small and stay in the air stream over long periods of time. On the other hand, larger infectious particles can drop from the air to contaminate surfaces and hands. We will be installing a new air purification system, NOVAERUS Protect 800/900. In the words of the manufacturer, “NOVAERUS uses patented active purification technology to continuously pull contaminated indoor air across internal short-exposure plasma coils, deactivating airborne microorganisms and viruses at the DNA level.”1
Novaerus patented plasma technology can safely and effectively reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, etc. For more detailed information on the technology, please feel free to visit their website. In case studies and clinical trials, this technology has been proven to reduce infections and improve wellbeing in real-world settings.
With this non-selective, rapid killing technology, our practice offers a unique and safe solution to protect our team and patients from COVID-19.
*Neither White Eagle Family Dentistry nor its staff members, including Dr. Joon Sun, disclose any conflicts of interest. We have no affiliation with NOVAERUS. We are providing further information about this technology and product for the education of our patients.


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