Orthodontics Phase II


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Orthodontics is usually our Second Phase of treatment, following the use of functional appliances. The braces would now be placed to move the teeth into alignment to support the development of the bone achieved in the first phase of treatment. The second phase of treatment is initiated when most of the permanent teeth have erupted.

Braces are the small, square metal attachments (called brackets) that are bonded with special orthodontic adhesive to the teeth. There is a small slot in the in the middle of the bracket into which the orthodontic wire fits. In order to hold the wire in place, small tiny elastics are wrapped around the outside of the braces. It is the combination of the braces, the wire and the elastic that help the tooth move into is proper position.

To help make the wearing of braces more fun, patients have a choice of at least 40 different colored elastics.

The model below has red and green elastics in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

Braces, Brackets, Wires and Elastic

This phase of treatment usually last between 12-24 months depending of the amount of tooth movement necessary to align the teeth and to establish a proper bite. It is important to remember that treatment time is estimated. Our dentist has specific treatment goals in mind and will usually continue treatment until these goals have been achieved. Patient cooperation is the best way to keep on time with your treatment. Be sure to take care of your braces and to wear your rubber bands as instructed and we will both be able to achieve our desired result.

After phase II is completed it is necessary to wear retainers to hold the final result. The great part about our retainers is that they are virtually invisible which helps guarantee patient acceptance and ensures they will be worn at the appropriate times.

Clear Retainer
Retainer with Clear Labial Bow


The value of an attractive smile should not be underestimated!Invisible Braces

This patient is wearing the "new" invisible braces.


Our office offers the latest advancements in invisible orthodontic braces. This newest development in orthodontic technology allows you to smile with confidence throughout treatment.

Correcting your smile is possible at any age. Some patients may choose the new clear braces or invisible tooth aligners.

Braces, Invisable Tooth Aligners


Mystique, which uses the latest aesthetic ceramic technology, provides outstanding results and high translucency. The clear braces are bonded to the tooth just like the ordinary metal braces. Treatment time with the mystique is approximately 12-14 months depending on the difficulty of tooth movement. Adults are asking for invisible (clear) braces today.

This patient is wearing invisible retainers.

Visit www.mystique.com



Aligning your teeth could be as easy as 1-2-3

E-Z Align


The easy three tray tooth aligner series, is designed for minor tooth alignment of the upper and/or lower front teeth. A slight amount of the outside part of the tooth may have to be removed between the teeth, creating a tiny space between the teeth and allows to tooth to be lined up while wearing the tray. The tray is to be worn 24 hours per day and only removed when you are eating.

The dentist will determine the length of time necessary for tray A, B or C.

If you have some minor crowding and have always wondered whether you could have them straightened without braces, contact our office today to see if you may be a candidate.


Get that Bright White Smile you've always wanted...

Sometimes it seems that no matter how much you brush you can't seem to brighten your smile. The problem is not that your teeth are unclean, it's actually staining or the natural discoloration of your teeth. Teeth can darken for a number of reasons. The most common is the natural tooth-yellowing effect from aging. Your teeth may also be stained from drinking coffee; tea or caffeine based soft drinks. Some time the tooth also has varying shades of white, due to the growth process of the tooth or to trauma when the tooth bud was being formed.

Don't be discouraged. If you feel that your teeth are looking less than their best, our office can offer you the latest in tooth whitening techniques.

Whiten your teeth at night, during the day or over the weekend!! The dentist will help you choose the whitening system that is right for you!!

Worn 2 hours
At night
For 10-14 nights

Worn 30 minutes
For 10-14 nights

Worn 4-8 hours
during sleep
for 3 days

These clear and inconspicuous custom fit trays can be worn anywhere, anytime!!

Common Questions

What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process where a mild bleaching solution is applied to the tooth, using a custom fit tray, to whiten tooth discolorations of the enamel and dentin.

What causes tooth discoloration?
Commonly, discoloration can be caused by, aging, consumption of coffees, teas, caffeine soft drinks, red wines etc. Tooth discoloration can also occur during tooth formation due to trauma and medications taken during this time.

How long does it take to get results?
If you follow your dentist's recommendations, you will see results in 10-14 days. The type of whitening selected for you will determine how often you will apply the solution. Nite White is worn once per day for 2 hours. Day White is worn 1-3 times per day for 30 minutes. Zoom Whitening is worn 4-8 hours while sleeping for only 3 days.

Will my fillings change color?
No. If you have some original tooth colored filling that are noticeable when you smile, they will not change color with the whitening solution.

How long will it last?
Your teeth will always be lighter than they were initially. Your teeth may need to be "touched up" 1-2 applications, once or twice a year. In order to maintain the whitest tooth shade possible, it is best to avoid substances like coffee, tea or tobacco. To keep your teeth looking their best we recommend flossing, and brushing twice daily with professional whitening toothpaste, specifically designed to keep your teeth looking there brightest.

How does it work?
As the carbamide peroxide (active ingredient) is broken down, oxygen will enter the enamel and the dentin and dissolves the stains. The tooth structure has not changed and the tooth is made lighter.

Is tooth whitening safe?
Studies indicate that tooth whitening under the supervision of a dentist is safe for the teeth and the gums. However, it is not recommended for anyone under the age of thirteen or pregnant or lactating women.

What about sensitivity?
Majority of patients do not experience sensitivity, however if you experience mild, temporary sensitivity it should subside within a few hours after the treatment. If sensitivity does persist, wear times can be varied or teeth can be treated with desensitizing toothpaste. Lingering sensitivity will subside after 1-3 days of completion of the treatment.

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