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By White Eagle Family Dentist
August 13, 2019
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Professional teeth whitening is a safe, effective path to your brightest smile and to feeling younger, too. Supervised by Dr. Joon Sun at White Eagle Family Dentistry in Naperville, teeth whitening erases deeply embedded organic stains using concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. Do you have questions about this popular cosmetic treatment? Learn all about it here.

FAQs about professional teeth whitening in Naperville

How do teeth acquire stains?

Simple age and wear and tear naturally darken tooth enamel. However, the most unsightly stains originate in what we eat, drink and smoke. Darkly-pigmented beverages, such as coffee and tea, dark foods such as curry and blackberries, and tobacco in all forms invade the porous matrix we call tooth enamel. Poor oral hygiene, and its resultant plaque and tartar build-up, also catch and hold onto substances which cause stains.

Why can't tooth brushing and flossing remove them?

Of course, good at-home and in-office oral hygiene practices are essential to dental and gingival health, shiny bright teeth, and fresh breath. But, even the best of brushing and flossing cannot do it all, especially if you indulge in tooth-stainers such as red wine and colas. In addition, over the counter whitening toothpastes, strips and rinses just aren't strong enough to remove stubborn discolorations.

What kinds of teeth whitening treatments are available at White Eagle Family Dentistry?

Lumibrite is available for those patients who already have custom made bleaching trays and want to do touch-ups. Glo for the in-office professional whitening system. The total procedure for the in-office whitening system is 45 min to 60 minutes. The Glo is a superior bleaching system that is highly effective and with almost no sensitivities. It also includes 1 year supply of in-home bleaching.

How do I know teeth whitening is safe for my teeth and gums?

Dr. Sun fully evaluates her patients before beginning any cosmetic dental treatment, including professional whitening. This examination ensures your teeth and gums are healthy. In general, patients should be free of active decay, gum disease and numerous restorations such as fillings. Pregnant or lactating women should postpone whitening. Also, professional whitening techniques are precise and supervised. Application trays are customized to fit your teeth exactly so the gel doesn't spill on soft oral tissues.

How long will my bright smile last?

Much depends on your oral hygiene and eating habits. Also, adequate daily water intake keeps tooth surfaces clean. You may wish to come into the office for an occasional whitening touch-up, too.

Come see us

At White Eagle Family Dentistry, Dr. Sun and her team want their patients to smile with confidence and vitality. Teeth whitening is just one of their many modern services which can help you look and feel your best. Call the office in Naperville, IL, for a consultation, won't you? Phone (630) 978-9005.